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Aging and your Feet

San Francisco Podiatrist – Aging

Mobility is a vital quality-of-life element for the world’s older populations. This makes the care of foot ailments imperative to maintaining an active life and preventing degeneration of knees, hips and the lower back.

The wear and tear of time is as present on the feet as anywhere on the body. Older individuals often experience soreness, brittle nails and dry skin. There are shifts in ligament and bone structure over time due to weight gain, the foot’s gradual spreading and the decrease of plump padding as people age. Burning, numbness, tingling, chills or discoloration in the feet can be indicative of larger health issues such as diabetes or circulatory conditions. These symptoms require medical attention.

The first and most vital step in preventative care is supportive, size-appropriate foot wear. As people age and their feet change, it is important to have the feet remeasured for shoe size. Next, frequent walking is the simplest and best exercise a person’s feet can get. Older people should watch for, or have someone else check for, signs of poor circulation, swelling, sores, discoloration or cracking. Issues and changes in foot condition should be evaluated by a San Francisco Podiatrist.