Athlete’s Foot

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Athlete’s foot is a fungal disorder often appearing between the toes. Fungus thrives in the warm, dark and humid environment that shoes create around the feet. It is especially common around showers, locker rooms and swimming pools, and the athletes who use them, hence the term ‘athlete’s foot.’ Symptoms of this common condition include itching, dry skin, inflammation, blisters and scaling. The raw skin exposed by broken blisters causes pain and swelling. The more the affected area is touched and becomes aggravated, the more it will spread. It often spreads to the toenails, soles of the feet and sometimes the groin and underarms.

Good hygiene is the best prevention for athlete’s foot. Washing the foot, careful drying and frequent sock changes are a few ways to keep a fungus from taking up residence. Further steps include shower shoes, especially in locker rooms and public showers, foot powder, light shoes for activities and moisture-wicking socks. Topical fungicides and oral anti-fungal medications are common treatments for athlete’s foot. This is usually recommended along with frequent washing and foot powder use. If a San Francisco Podiatrist determines the infection is bacterial, antibiotics such as penicillin may be necessary.