Foot Orthotics

San Francisco Podiatrist – Foot Orthotics

Orthotics are supports inserted into the shoes to correct a foot abnormality. They are used to treat an uneven gait, support the arches, minimize stress to problem areas, support the feet after surgery and increase the comfort of walking and running. These inserts are also used to correct deformities in children’s feet, in which case they need frequent resizing. They are constructed from a wide variety of materials to treat an equally wide variety of issues.

Rigid orthotics are made out of plastic or carbon fiber, usually from a casting of the foot they will support. Their primary intent is to control the movement of the foot during standing and walking. They typically fit heel to toe and control the two primary joints below the ankle. These inserts can reduce pain and discomfort in the feet, legs and lower back. Soft orthotics or more frequently used by those suffering from arthritis, diabetes or foot deformities. They are made from pliable materials and provide balance, shock absorption and relief to trouble areas. Falling between those two options are semi-rigid orthotics, more commonly associated with support during sports. They are made from a layered combination of flexible and firm materials. They provide balance and efficiency of movement during activities. Orthotics can be made to precise measurements, meeting unique foot needs for any kind of footwear.