Forefoot Surgery

San Francisco Podiatrist – Forefoot Surgery

Surgical procedures on the front of the foot are used to treat a variety of malformations including hammertoe, neuroma, Tailor’s bunion and bone spurs. Imbalance in the toe joints and tissues can cause the toes to contract, forming a ‘hammertoe.’ This condition can lead to pain, corns and shoe discomfort and may require surgery for realignment. Surgery may also be used to remove a neuroma should more conservative treatments fail. A painful neuroma forms between the toes when a nerve segment enlarges due to complications of arthritis, trauma, improper shoes or bone abnormalities. A Tailor’s bunion is a small bone formation on the outside edge of the foot. It forms due to genetic foot conditions, improper gait or overuse. Surgeons may choose to remove the protuberance if it doesn’t respond to other treatments. Bone spurs, or overgrowth of bone, cause pain and limit joint movement. They develop in response to trauma, pressure or ligament stress. Surgical methods to treat these growths vary depending on the location and size.

Basic postoperative care includes the R.I.C.E. method. Rest, ice – not resting directly on the skin, compression with an elastic bandage and elevation at or above hip level. Other techniques used to support recovery include splints, orthotics, casts, crutches and canes.