High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

San Francisco Podiatrist – High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Some conditions, though they originate elsewhere in the body, have serious implications in the treatment of foot concerns. Reversely, some foot conditions are indicators of serious health issues elsewhere in the body. Discoloration, low pulse or cool temperatures in the feet can point to hypertension, cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Periodic swelling in the feet can alert a doctor to hypertension being a factor of heart disease. It is important that any medications taken for cardiovascular conditions such as rheumatic heart disease or hypertension be disclosed to a San Francisco Podiatrist before he or she treats a patient for other health concerns. This is to ensure any additional drugs do not interact adversely and that all health issues are taken into account before treatment. Other elements of systemic issues presenting in the feet are ulcers, swelling or burning.

Vital steps to controlling hypertension are early detection, appropriate treatment and long-term monitoring. Proper care and monitoring of the feet is part of this process. Comfortable shoes, frequent foot exams and careful care of any ailments help catch and prevent complex health concerns.