Nail Problems

San Francisco Podiatrist – Nail Problems

Toenails frequently reflect symptoms that help diagnose foot or systemic conditions. Psoriasis may cause thickening and pitted nails. Concave nails are indicate an anemic condition. The most common concern is an ingrown toenail, where parts of the nail edge grow into the flesh surrounding it. These lead to pain, irritation, redness and swelling. Changes in a toenail’s color and structure quality may point to a fungal infection beneath the nail. A fungal growth may also have a foul smell and white marks on the nail plate. If left untreated, this infection can go from a minor irritation to a crippling condition.

For otherwise healthy patients, ingrown toenails are uncomfortable, but easily treatable under physician advice. Diabetic patients need to be very cautious with ingrown toenails and seek treatment by a San Francisco Podiatrist immediately. Toenails should be trimmed frequently and straight across. Shoes that crowd or put pressure on the toes should be avoided. Fungal infections are treated with cleaning, filing, fungicides and other medication. In severe cases, permanent, surgical removal may be the best course. Prevention of nail afflictions is best achieved with good hygiene, proper footwear and early detection of potential issues.