San Francisco Podiatrist – Neuromas

A neuroma is a nerve enlargement that forms between the toes causing pain, burning, numbness, swelling and tingling from the toes to the ball of the foot. The condition is aggravated by walking, and often described as a feeling like something small is stuck in one’s shoe. These formations often develop due to an imbalance in the joints or in walking pattern. Trauma, excessive stress on the feet and improper footwear are contributing factors.

Comfortable shoes is the quickest route to relief from a neuroma. Shoes should have low heels, a deep toe box and sufficient cushioning. Rest and massage can alleviate pain from walking, along with ice and additional shoe padding for comfort. San Francisco Podiatrist may recommend a number of treatment methods to both soothe and/or remove the neuroma. Taping, padding and orthotic inserts help control the movement and impact of the foot and can take some of the pressure off a neuroma. Anti-inflammatory or cortisone medications can treat pain and swelling. Lastly, surgical options, including cryosurgery, can remove the neuroma entirely. A San Francisco Podiatrist will examine the foot carefully and may order X-rays before recommending a treatment course.