Plantar Warts

San Francisco Podiatrist – Plantar Warts

Warts develop when a virus enters the skin through a small cut or abrasion. Plantar warts are those that appear specifically on the sole of the foot. They are more common in young people. Most warts are painful but harmless, and easily misidentified as a callus or corn. Alternatively, some more serious growths such as melanomas or carcinomas are mistaken for a wart. Any suspicious growth should be reported to a San Francisco Podiatrist for the appropriate treatment. Plantar warts are firm, flat and rough to the touch. They often develop a brown or grayish color with a darker point in the center. Warts can be recurring and the virus is frequently contracted because of walking barefoot on dirty surfaces. Untreated warts may continue to grow and multiply into what’s called mosaic warts. They are spread to other areas by continuous touching, and sometimes bleeding. Plantar warts can be especially painful because of their weight-bearing location.

The best way to prevent warts is to keep feet covered outdoors and in unsanitary locations. Regular foot cleaning and examination helps to catch these viruses before they grow and spread excessively. There are some over-the-counter treatments, but consultation with a San Francisco Podiatrist is always recommended before beginning an intervention. A specialist may prescribe a medication or non-invasive procedures using laser surgery or cryotherapy to remove the wart(s).