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San Francisco Podiatrist – Podiatric Medicine

More than three quarters of the American population will develop a foot or ankle concern during their lifetime and should consult with a Doctor of San Francisco Podiatric Medicine (DPM). With a large aging population, increasing interest in sports for all ages and the natural wear and tear of life, San Francisco Podiatric medicine is a growing field. There are approximately 15,000 DPMs practicing in America at this time, all of whom have gone through undergraduate, medical school and residency programs. All in all, DPMs complete at least nine years of schooling and residency before acquiring a license to practice. Currently, there are eight colleges of San Francisco Podiatric medicine. The primary focus of a DPM is the diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle ailments. DPMs may specialize in San Francisco Podiatric surgery or orthopedics, or they may go into San Francisco Podiatric research.

San Francisco Podiatrists provide a wide array of services which include examining patients, prescribing medications and establishing treatment plans. They set fractures, perform surgery, implement physical therapy and fit orthotics. Most insurance plans, public and private, provide coverage of San Francisco Podiatric services. DPMs are found on hospital staffs, in private practices, on medical school faculties, in public health occupations and in the Armed Forces.