San Francisco Podiatrist – Walking

Regular walking is the best and simplest route to long-term foot health. It is appropriate for all ages and all ability levels where mobility is still possible. It is good for the entire body, including the feet. It is a low impact activity with little strain involved. For those who struggle with physical activity, walking is an excellent start to a more active lifestyle. It boosts heart and lung health, builds and maintains muscle strength, helps regulate weight and blood pressure and reduces stress and arthritis pain.

Before walking, it is important to find proper footwear to ensure healthy balance, support and movement of the foot. Walking shoes have a firm heel, cushioned insole and wide toe box. It is important to do some light stretching before walking to make sure the joints and tissues are prepared for physical activity. While walking, it is good to maintain a steady pace, let the arms swing freely, breathe deeply and evenly, and keep the head up and the back straight. Those with certain balance or other health issues should stick to flat, even surfaces.